Petchenik 2013

Nagrody z konkursu w 2013 roku

1. 13Karina Balitskaya Russian Federation above 12 years Big Miracle by Little Hands
1. 5 Keagen Madodzi South-AfricaMy Place in Todays World is a World Where Friends are Very Important to Me
1. 7 Zeva Suazra Malaika Indonesia Good and Bad Sides of My Todays World
1. 9 Ada Maria Ciontu Romania Happy Earth is Music to Our Ears
2.  Public13 Amy Wang New Zealand World Section
2. 12 Wang Zhiling China Peace  Harmony
2. 3 Saul Sinikovait Lithuania under 6 years I Am at Home
2. 8 Altu Namk Yava Turkey The World of My Dreams
3. 12 Florian Gruber  Lukas Schostal Austria One Among Many
3. 13 Beatriz Froehner Brazil The World in My Face
3. 5 Nazar Stolyarov Zhytomyr Ukraine under 6 years The Wide World Flies to Me
3. 8 Vojitha Heshan Herat Sri Lanka no title
Special Jury Alla Sukhanova 15 Russian Federation Be Careful
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